Thursday, October 31, 2013


HCMC 2013 Day 4 Reflections: Cu Chi Tunnel

1) Entering the tunnel, how do you feel about the experience of the Vietnamese people while going through the obstacles faced in the tunnel? The Vietnamese people were persistent and did not give up when faced with the danger of the tunnel collapsing and the fear of suffocating meant that they were steadfast.
b) What can you say about this vietnamese people who have lived in the tunnel
The Vietnamese were resilient and courageous when they wear fighting the American forces. They were resourceful and innovative and salvaged whatever they could from the weapons they could find.
2) Compared to Singapore, what values can we learn from the Vietnamese that could overcome the obstacles? The Vietnamese persevered when faced with difficulties and we should also learn to be resourceful and utilize what we have instead of complaining.

3) Choose 2 qualities of the Vietnamese that you can learn from them and list ways that you can use them in.
We should be resilient and resourceful when faced with challenges and not give up when we cannot succeed and rather we should find another path to the end

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