Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day 3 reflection LSTS


What are three good points about the school, students an,d staff that you noticed, which SST can learn from?
The students are attentive and well behaved, as compared to us sometimes when we are in the hall. They are also very friendly to us and we should be like that to visitors to our school.

 Why is it important for us to cultivate friendships with people from other nations?
We can learn from them and about their country and this helps us broaden our perspectives and help us understand their culture.


The number of people there, possible markets and resources and making goods there may be cheaper than in other countries due to labour cost, taxes and price of shipping.

We facilitated the construction of the VSIP. We gain international relations with Vietnam and now have economic ties with them. Singapore businesses that go to the VSIP also have the benefit of having a larger market and cheaper manufacturing costs as compared to them setting up their company in Singapore.

Economical Laws like taxes can affect economic development as it will affect the manufacturing cost and thus affect how many companies are attracted to go to that country which thus affects a countries economic development.

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