Wednesday, October 30, 2013


1. What are factors influencing industrial location? Why do companies move?(cheap labour, raw materials)(cut cost, competitors, cut down on transport fee)
Cheap labour and raw materials influence the industrial location. Companies would move in order to cut down on the cost, number of competitors. Transport fee is one of the few major reason why companies move. 
2. What is Singapore’s role in the VSIP? How does Singapore benefit from her involvement?(Using singapore’s name to promote Vietnam) (Stay in Vietnam’s good books to avoid war, Vietnam allows us to get into their market)
Singapore’s role in the VSIP is to use Singapore’s name to help improve the trade of Vietnam. Singapore benefit by getting into the good books of the Vietnamese. This is a measure used to reduce the chances of fighting each other.
3. What influences the social economic development of a country? (corruption, laws, taxes) Corruption, laws and taxes influences the social economic development of a country. Corruption would make countries unreliable. Laws would increase the safety level, convincing others that coming over is safe. Taxes would increase the cost of companies, making smaller companies not coming over as they do not have as much money as the big companies.

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