Wednesday, October 30, 2013

HCMC Day 3 Reflections : LSTS and VSIP


1. What are three good points about the school, students and staff that you noticed, which SST can learn from?

LSTS's Students were very hospitable and friendly, they tried their best to speak in only english language so we can understand. The school did very well to make use of the space they have, like making a basement for extra space/ creating a soccer field at an empty space outside the school. The teachers' lessons were interactive and asks the students questions instead of spoon-feeding them the answers.

2. Why is it important for us to cultivate friendships with people from other nations?

By cultivating friendships with people from other nations, when in need, they will help you out, and vice versa. Doing so will also give the students chances to have a chance to observe overseas' students studying and learn from them.


1. What are factors influencing industrial location? Why do companies move?
Companies move because: To avoid competition, to increase profit (Going to a place where the costs are cheaper)

2. What is Singapore’s role in the VSIP? How does Singapore benefit from her involvement?
Branding ( We are trustworthy, educated, has a good rep), Design of the industrial park. We get to strengthen our bonds with Vietnam

3. What influences the social economic development of a country?
Corruption influences the social economic development of a country by hindering with plans made to develop the country to something that might not. Economic policies will slow down the process of the development. 

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