Wednesday, October 30, 2013

HCMC 2013 Day 3 Reflection: Lawrence S.Ting School and VSIP


1. What are three good points about the school, students and staff that you noticed, which SST can learn from?
They are all very friendly,even though in SST we have some students that are very friendly as well,but some SST students are shy.The students are 12-13 years old which is about our age , but they are much more 
friendlier then us.For my case,it was them who started the conversation.

2. Why is it important for us to cultivate friendships with people from other nations?
So that we could have good relationships with the other countries and when discussing business matter will be much easier.


1. What are factors influencing industrial location? Why do companies move?The location and price.They move because the previous place that they were at,may have tight competition and they are not doing well or they have not enough space to expand their business or to avoid tax.

2. What is Singapore’s role in the VSIP? How does Singapore benefit from her involvement?
It is to help Vietnam to expand the companies when they quit being a communist country.Singapore will gain some profit during the process.

3. What influences the socioecononomic development of a country?
I think it is the relationship between countries/the actions of the country.

If they have bad relationship,other countries investors may have to think twice before investing.

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