Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 4 Reflections

Day 4

1. Entering the tunnel, how did you feel while going through the obstacles faced in the tunnel, what can you say to the Vietnamese people who lived in the tunnel?

I felt very tired, my legs were going numb, it was extremely tiring and I felt worried when it started getting tired, but then I realised that this was just a daily task that the Vietnamese soldiers faced so I felt more relaxed. The Vietnamese should've been very physically strong and tolerant as they did this every day during a war.

2. Compared to Singapore, what values can we learn from the Vietnamese that could overcome the obstacles?

We can learn from their determination and the courage to do it. With determination, we are able to overcome the obstacles as we constantly try to find a way to solve a problem or go past an obstacle, and we must have the courage to do so. The Vietnamese were determined to protect their country and were brave enough to risk their lives to fight the Americans.

We can learn how adaptive they were to the things that happen. The Vietnamese was able to survive underground and lived in a rather harsh environment. They adapted to it and managed to survive in it. Singapore should be like that, able to survive whenever something strikes us.

3. How do you believe that the Chu Chi Tunnel itself could've benefited yourself for your learning. State 2 habits/values that you have brought back to Singapore with you.

The Chu Chi Tunnel taught me that determination and courage would be able to get me somewhere. The Vietnamese were brave and persistent, which let them win the war against a big and powerful country like America. Death was so close to them but yet they were not afraid. They chose to fight for and protect their country. If I were to do that, I will be able to achieve my goal too. I have to be determined to go after my dreams and be brave to do so.

4. Upload a photo that impacted you the most of Chu Chi Tunnel

I chose this as it showed the life of the soldiers and the tough life they've been through.

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