Wednesday, October 30, 2013

HCMC 2013 Day 2 Reflection: Can Gio Biosphere and Local Market

1. As you were travelling down the river, what were some problems you observed? What are the causes of these problems?
The rivers were very dirty. Causes of these problems are for example using illegal fishing methods to capture fishes.
2. Why do people stay near a river? How can the use of the river be sustainable?
People stay near a river to grow crops. It can be sustainable if we do not pollute it and take care of it.
3. What does it take for a location/site to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site? Why is it essential for a location like Can Gio to be listed as such a site?
It must be very unique. The Can Gio is one of the few places in the world that still have a mangrove swamp.
4. If there is a place in Singapore that you can list as a UNESCO World Heritage site, which is it? Why?
Singapore Zoo. As it contains many species of animals that cannot be find anywhere else in the world, it should be listed down.
5. What is the difference between the market that you have visited VS that of Singapore’s. Why do you think there are such differences?
The variety of products in Vietnam is much more and unique than that of Singapore, however Singapore also have stuff that Vietnam does not. There are differences as different countries have different culture.

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