Thursday, October 31, 2013

HCMC 2013 Day 4 Reflections ~ Pang Zhi Kai

HCMC 2013 Day 4 Reflections: Cu Chi Tunnel

Q1) Entering the tunnel, how do you feel about the experience of a Vietnamese people while going through the obstacles face in the tunnels?What can you say about this Vietnamese people who have lived in the tunnels?

I felt that I was vertically challenged as I am very tall and it is difficult to navigate inside this dark tunnel. I cant imagine how hardworking the Vietnamese soldiers than live as the tunnels I went through were wider by 1.3 meter more than last time, they must be very hard to live in this type of condition.

Q2) Compared to Singapore, what values can we learn from the Vietnamese that could overcome the obstacles?

I learnt that the Vietnamese soldiers than are persistent, hardworking and smart as they used their wits and cunningness to their advantage so as to make the american’s lose the war even though they have lesser equipment and they did not surrender to the army and continued to fight until they eventually won the war.

3) What are two values which we can learn from the Vietnamese that could be applied to our own lives? 

We can learnt that we should never give up and we should fight to very end even though we lose at least we tried as it is still better than losing without a fight. It is okay to lose if you tried your best. And respect your enemies as for sportsmanship.

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