Wednesday, October 30, 2013

War Remnants Museum

HCMC 2013 Day 1 Reflection: War Remnants Museum and Water Puppet Show

1. Did you notice any variation in the way the war was being portrayed through the photos? Is there any bias?
I do think that it is more against Americans as there is a whole level about Agent Orange
and most of the pictures there are much bigger in size.Although the fourth floor has images that show that the Americans are not having a good time as well,the photos are much smaller.

2. What are the impacts of the war? Think along the lines of types (economic, social, political, environmental), as well as short/long term impacts. You may consider the impacts of Agent Orange and more.
I think if it is for the country that started the war,it may not have a good economy for the coming years as the relationship of the countries turn sour.

3. Who won and who lost?
I did not think there is winning and losing.It is more of the perspective,on how you look at the war.As both side got huge after effects,after the war.

4. Are there any lessons from the Vietnam War that Singapore can apply currently/in the future?
Strong bond within countries, so they will not attack each other,for the economy. 

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