Wednesday, October 30, 2013

HCMC 2013 Day 3 Reflection: Lawrence S.Ting School and VSIP

HCMC 2013 Day 3 Reflection: Lawrence S.Ting School and VSIP


1. What are three good points about the school, students and staff that you noticed, which SST can learn from?

The  students in LSTS were very active and eager to participate the activities organised by the school. They were also very friendly as they took turns to let us try most of the activities such the traditional Vietnam Games. I think sst should learn from them so that we could welcome other schools from sst.

2. Why is it important for us to cultivate friendships with people from other nations?

This is because we can bond together as one so that we can make more friends. Since we are a multiracial society, hence, this will be good practice for us to understand and befriend one another. This would also reduce quarrel and fights in the world.


1. What are factors influencing industrial location? Why do companies move?

The competition among companies and profits and losses . This is because there is tight and stiff competition against other companies as most of them could be selling the same product. Nevertheless, to save their business, they decided to move away from their challenges so that people would buy their products.

2. What is Singapore’s role in the VSIP? How does Singapore benefit from her involvement?

Is to help Vietnam to expand their companies so that both of them will make profits, This will allow Singapore’s role to strengthen and build further ties with other countries in their industry.

3. What influences the social economic development of a country?

I think it is the people’s will that puts pressure on the country. This will encourage them to improve their social economic development. When there is a drop or a fall social economic development, this will also persuade them to do something to improve their social economic development.

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