Monday, October 28, 2013

HCMC 2013 Day 2 Reflection: Can Gio Biosphere and Local Market
Can Gio Biosphere
1. As you were travelling down the river, what were some problems you observed? What are the causes of these problems?
Pollution, people do not care or have to throw their litter in to the river and may not know the impact of doing this.

2. Why do people stay near a river? How can the use of the river be sustainable?
As a source of income through fishing and also as a water source.

3. What does it take for a location/site to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site? Why is it essential for a location like Can Gio to be listed as such a site?
It is located far from urbanisation giving allowing the visitors there to have a more natural feel about the place, give the place the environment of what is similar to the actual mangrove habitat.

4. If there is a place in Singapore that you can list as a UNESCO World Heritage site, which is it? Why?
Botanical Gardens because of its many species of plants their which Singaporeans rarely see anywhere else.

5. What is the difference between the market that you have visited VS that of Singapore’s. Why do you think there are such differences?
The people at the market are more friendlier compared to Singapore markets but the hygiene of the shops are not up to Singapore’s standards.

6. Share a photo, from today, that resonates most with you. And why?

Feeding the crocodiles were exciting but scary at the same time.


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