Tuesday, October 29, 2013

(29 October) HCMC Reflection Day 2: Can Gio Biosphere

Can Gio Biosphere: 

1. As you were traveling down the river, what were some problems you observed? What are the causes of these problems?
There were many trash being thrown into the river, thus causing the river to be very polluted and undrinkable.

2. Why do people stay near a river? How can the use of the river be sustainable?
People stay near the river because they can catch fish which helps them to earn a living and also provides food for them. People could stop throwing rubbish into the river.

3. What does it take for a location/site to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site? Why is it essential for a location like Can Gio to be listed as such a site? 
To bear a unique or at least exceptional testimony to a cultural tradition or to a civilization which is living or which has disappeared. Yes it is since it is a masterpiece of human creative genius and we must protect it. 

4. If there is a place in Singapore that you can list as a UNESCO World Heritage site, which is it? Why? 
Mint-Museum of Toys Singapore. It shows the toys played from then till now, and how much change in the toys that our great-grandparents or grandparents had used to play.

5. What is the difference between the market that you have visited VS that of Singapore’s. Why do you think there are such differences? 
In Singapore, the markets has a specific allocation for them to sell their item but in Vietnam, they can chose were to sell their items and they would sit on small stools to wait for customers.

6. Share a photo, from today, that resonates most with you. And why? 
Singapore does not have huge and vast amounts of forests and large waterways like Vietnam.

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