Wednesday, October 30, 2013

HCMC Day 1 reflection

War remnants museum
1)Different photos had different view like some of them showed the cruelty of the Americans while others show how much hardship the soldiers went through. There is some bias against the Americans which is shown by the fact that most of the pictures showed the negatives of what the Americans did.

2)The  long-term effects of the war can be seen in the land mines and agent orange.. They harmed the people in Vietnam for quite a while after the war. Short term effects were that many people lost their lives or were permanently scarred and many people lost their homes.

3)The vietnamese won the war but due to the fact that they were fighting on their land they suffered the long-tern effects and both sides lost a lot in the war so it can be said that both countries lost.

3)War can be harmful to those who are living in the war zone so we should make sure that war does not break out in Singapore.

Water puppet show

I think the storyline is about Vietnam's past and legends. Their sources of livelihood include farming crops and fishing.

To remind the people to be hardworking. It teaches moral and tells us about Vietnam's past and legends.

It depends on the storyline of the show. If it is something that everyone can like and is important to Singapore's past and legends then yes. If not then the answer is probably no.

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