Monday, October 28, 2013

HCMC 2013 Day 1 Reflection: War Remnants Museum and Water Puppet Show by Kiang Jia Ming Kenneth

War Remnants Museum:

1. Did you notice any variation in the way the war was being portrayed through the photos? Is there any bias?

It seemed that they were biased towards the Americans, because they shown the more violent content of the Vietnamese victims, which seemed like they tried to put a lot of blame on the Americans.

2. What are the impacts of the war? Think along the lines of types (economic, social, political, environmental), as well as short/long term impacts. You may consider the impacts of Agent Orange and more.

The war may have prevented communism from "spreading" to other countries. The war have also hurt many innocent civilians(due to Agent Orange) and affected generations of people since pregnant women may get harmed and their babies may be borned differently.

3. Who won and who lost?

The Americans won, they prevented the spread of communism and also harmed Vietnam very badly due to Agent Orange. Although the Americans may have also lost many soldiers, but the Vietnamese were impacted much more.

4. Are there any lessons from the Vietnam War that Singapore can apply currently/in the future?

We have to prevent the use of chemical weapons so that the innocent people will not get harmed, unless we are really going 'all-out' on the country. We must also have good relations with other countries so that we can prevent any wars and end up losing resources.

Water Puppet Show:

1. What do you think is the storyline? What do you know about the sources of livelihood in Vietnam?

I think that the storyline is about the Vietnamese's and how hardworking they are/have been during their lives. I think that the sources of livelihood in Vietnam is due to water puppet shows like these that entertain them as they depict their typical lives.

2. What is the purpose of the water puppet show? What other function does it serve besides entertainment?

The purpose of the water puppet show is to depict the life of a normal Vietnamese person. This show can also serve as a tourist attraction for people like me.

3. Would Singapore benefit from its own ‘water puppet show’? Why yes/no?

Singapore should benefit from its own water puppet show as the locals will definitely be entertained by the unique shows and the shows will be a good tourist attraction as it can show the typical Singaporean life.

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