Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 4 reflection

1) Entering the tunnel, how do you feel about the experience of the Vietnamese people while going through the obstacles faced in the tunnel?
I felt that the Vietnamese soldiers had gone through lots of suffering during the Vietnamese war, as while we were going through the tunnel, we felt hot, stuffy and extremely enclosed. We felt muscle soreness when we crawled through the tunnel for less then a minute, and thinking how the soldiers lived for years in a smaller and shorter tunnel, I feel very fortunate.

2) What can you say about the Vietnamese people who have lived in the tunnel? (i.e. what are some key qualities that they embodied which helped them to overcome the odds?)
The Vietnamese people are brave, persistent and have strong persistence against the Americans. They are also very resourceful, making use of bamboo sticks for booby traps and living underground to hide from the Americans.

3) What are two values which we can learn from the Vietnamese that could be applied to our own lives?
We can learn to be more persistent against our challenges and face them in a smart way. We can also learn to be resourceful, making use of simple concepts to overcome our problems.


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