Thursday, October 31, 2013

GCP HCMC Day 4: Reflections

Cu Chi Tunnel

1) Entering the tunnel, how do you feel about the experience of the Vietnamese people while going through the obstacles faced in the tunnel?

They were very brave to go into such a dark place with low amounts of air with the risk of dying. They persevered throughout the war with such bad living conditions for a long period of time too.

b) What can you say about this vietnamese people who have lived in the tunnel?

They were smart to be able to plan out the underground where they will live. They also smartly created secret air holes that the Americans failed to find it after a few searches. They purposely created the tunnel such that only their people can go in, however the Americans with bigger bodies cannot do so.

2) Compared to Singapore, what values can we learn from the Vietnamese that could overcome the obstacles?

The children/current generation have to be braver and more persevering in the things we do. Our population is known as the "Strawberry Generation" which means we are very squishy and cannot take any pressure and setbacks.


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