Thursday, October 31, 2013

HCMC 2013 Day 4 Reflections: Cu Chi Tunnel

1) Entering the tunnel, how do you feel about the experience of the Vietnamese people while going through the obstacles faced in the tunnel?
1) Although it was relatively easy for me to get through, I felt sad for the people who had to live in the tunnel as there wasn't much air.

2) What can you say about the Vietnamese people who have lived in the tunnel? (i.e. what are some key qualities that they embodied which helped them to overcome the odds?) 
2) They adapted to their surroundings really quickly. They were also very determined to protect their country.

3) What are two values which we can learn from the Vietnamese that could be applied to our own lives? 
3) We could learn to be smart thinkers and be resourceful.

4) Share a photo on Cu Chi Tunnel which resonates with you the most.

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