Wednesday, October 30, 2013

HCMC 2013 Day 3 Reflection: Lawrence S.Ting School and VSIP by Kiang Jia Ming Kenneth


1. What are three good points about the school, students and staff that you noticed, which SST can learn from?
The students are extremely open and not as shy as SST Students, they are not as quiet as SST students and they were very friendly towards strangers who they do not know..
The school has a lively and friendly community. The school welcomed us and were very kind. The students seem to be friendly towards each other too.

2. Why is it important for us to cultivate friendships with people from other nations?

We will be able to learn new things of their culture and also do the same for them. Both parties will be able to learn new things which can let us learn how to live and adapt to a new environment.


1. What are factors influencing industrial location? Why do companies move?

Companies move as they may need to move to an area with a larger population and attract more people, and thus earn more profit.
It may be due to things like cheaper GST (export/import), or possibly none at all.
It can be because to the free land which will allow them to build more factories.
There may have been competition in the previous land, thus they would want to move to a better and less competitive location.
It may be easier to get people to work for them in the factories.

In the end, it is all because the companies want to earn/increase profits.

2. What is Singapore’s role in the VSIP? How does Singapore benefit from her involvement?

Singapore designed and planned the industrial park which allows the factories in the park to work efficiently. Through helping Vietnam, we can have a better relationship with Vietnam and Vietnam opened its market for Singapore. It may prevent any conflict between the countries.

3. What influences the social economic development of a country?

Development of relations with other countries, this will allow the country to buy and sell things with foreign country and both will earn profit while at the same time gain fame for the country.
Taxes. The country needs to be able to get enough money, which is mainly from taxes, to help the needy.
Population, and the types of population, growing/dying. This will affect the country and the future generations. Having too less people will cause the country to have a worse future as there will be fewer successful people in the future. Having too many people in a small land may be a shock to the country and it will take time to build homes for them.

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