Monday, October 28, 2013

HCMC Reflections Day 1: Water Puppet Show and War Remnants Museum

War Remnants Museum

1. The photos in War Remnants Museum is mostly biased towards the Vietnamese, where they showed the cruelty of the Americans in the war. 
However, there were some exhibits (One) which was not biased and focused on both sides’ perspectives. 
2. The impacts of the war, whether it was political, social etc, had mostly bad impacts on Vietnam. Vietnam’s economy would suffer because of the war, items can’t be exported to sell and earn money etc. People also would think badly about the Political Party leading Vietnam and would complain how they did not help out in the war, or end it by then etc. Agent Orange affected 3 Generations of Vietnam and babies have deforms etc. 
3. In my opinion, no one won the war. Both countries suffered horrible aftereffects, like genetical defects in the future generations. 
4. Singapore should create strong bonds with other countries by collaborating together to build something like maybe the Singapore-Vietnam Industrial Park so that a war would not break out between the 2 countries as it would affect both economically.

Water Puppet Show

1. What do you think is the storyline? What do you know about the sources of livelihood in Vietnam?
The storyline was about how the Vietnamese people spent their time back in the oldern days, though it was not as high-tech as compared to our days, but it was a fun and enjoyable time for them.

2. What was the purpose of the puppet show? What other function does it serve besides entertainment?
The purpose of the puppet show was not only to entertain the guests or tourist but to also teach them about the culture of Vietnam and how it was like for them before modernisation of their country.

3. Would Singapore benefit from having its own water puppet show? Why yes/no?
In my personal opinion, Singapore will not benefit from it. Firstly, it is because Singapore is a multiracial society, unlike Vietnam which is mainly populated by Vietnamese. When we make a water puppet show, we would mainly focus on one race. So, when we do so, the other races would start to complain about the government being unfair, thus leading to possibly racial riots and racial differences

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