Friday, October 25, 2013

Trip updates

Dear all,

We have sent out an email today regarding an important change to our accommodation, the exact details will not be posted here for security reasons so please check your SST accounts (parents who subscribed to the mailing list at the GCP Briefing for Parents have been cc'ed too). Remember to update the accommodation info in your hardcopy handbooks.

Do take note of the packing reminders - I know we are very naggy but we are aiming for a smooth checking in experience on Mon morning. The security staff on duty will be having a case of Monday blues as it is, so we don't wish to add to their pain and neither do we want any of your items being confiscated because it does not meet the requirements.

Groups 1, 3 and 4 - your pre-trip research is either not done (War Remnants Museum and VSIP) or incomplete (Can Gio). Pls get down to it ASAP.

We still do not have everyone's posts on padlet so pls do so if you haven't.

Rest well, drink lots of water and stay healthy.

GCP HCMC Teachers.

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