Monday, October 28, 2013

Day 1 reflection

War Remnants Museum
1. The exhibits mostly showed how much the Vietnamese people had suffered during the war, and what they had to go through. They usually showed and explained about the Americans doing cruel things to the Vietnamese during torture. There are pictures of the Americans killing people, destroying villages through agent orange and treating Vietnamese people extremely badly.

2. The long term impact of the Vietnam War can be found from the land mines the Americans had placed, and also from agent orange. Agent orange had changed the environment and also many Vietnamese people, both physically and mentally. Three generations have been affected from agent orange, changing their genetic makeup. Many people have been killed, causing their population number to suffer.

3. Neither of the countries won, as there were huge losses inflicted on both parties.

4. Singapore could create strong bonds with as many countries around the world as possible, so that there will be lesser problems arising.

Water Puppet Show
1. What do you think is the storyline? What do you know about the sources of livelihood in Vietnam?
I think that the storyline is about the daily routine and lifestyle of the Vietnamese in the past. They fished and farmed for food and also to make a living.

2. What is the purpose of the water puppet show? What other function does it serve besides entertainment?
The purpose of the water puppet show is to promote the Vietnamese culture. It gives us a glimpse of the Vietnamese past and lifestyle.

3. Would Singapore benefit from its own ‘water puppet show’? Why yes/no?
Yes, it would. It will show the future citizens of Singapore to understand our past, provided that they show all of the main cultures and not just one, as people may get offended.

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