Monday, October 28, 2013

HCMC Reflections Day 1 ~Pang Zhi Kai

War Remnants Museum

1. Did you notice any variation in the way the war was being portrayed through the photos? Is there any bias?

The museum is more focused on portraying the amount of damage the Americans did to the Vietnamese people during the American war, therefore blaming the Americans for starting the war and the amount of people who suffered during then.

2. What are the impacts of the war? Think along the lines of types (economic, social, political, environmental), as well as short/long term impacts. You may consider the impacts of Agent Orange and more.

There are many effects on the war but mainly to the Vietnamese people as Vietnam was the battlefield where most of the people died there and now currently there are still mines in the jungles and there are still mutation of disfigured people for 3 generation due to the chemical bombing that took place in 

3. Who won and who lost?

Though many may think that the Vietnamese won the war as they finally achieved independence during that war, i still think the Americans won it overall. It is because the amount of damage inflicted on Vietnam was such a high scale whereas the Americans only suffered from the money they lost and the manpower. The chemical bombing in Vietnam caused long term effects on the Vietnamese people as they caused mutation to the future generation.What's more there are still mines in the forest which caused many people to die every year.

4. Are there any lessons from the Vietnam War that Singapore can apply currently/in the future?

Never go on a war.It is a waste of resources and manpower might as well surrender.

Water Puppet Show

1. What do you think is the storyline? What do you know about the sources of livelihood in Vietnam?

I think it is about the life in the past of Vietnam. The only thing I remembered was the fishing,the farming, the dragon boat racing and their culture in Vietnam.

2. What is the purpose of the water puppet show? What other function does it serve besides entertainment?

It shows the Vietnamese life during the past.

3. Would Singapore benefit from its own ‘water puppet show’? Why yes/no?

Not really.Singapore has no actual tradition as it is a multi-racial country.

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